Our Strategy

You play a critical role in helping to elect champions who will act on climate and defend democracy.

  • 2023-2024

    Ensure climate remains a presidential priority

    In August 2022, President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act—the most significant action Congress has ever taken to address the climate crisis. 

    Over the next election cycle, our donors will re-elect the Biden/Harris Administration, ensure that our climate gains aren’t lost, and send a message to the Biden administration that climate action remains a priority.

  • 2023-2024

    Safeguard the Senate

    Help us defend the seats of Senate climate champions in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Montana, Nevada, Virginia, and Washington.

    We can also help to elect new, pro-environment leaders in Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, and Texas.

  • 2023-2024

    Reclaim the House

    This cycle, we must take back the House of Representatives and achieve a pro-environment majority.

    We have opportunities to pick up at least five seats in states like New York and California, where climate candidates lost by razor-thin margins. 

    We’ll also defend incumbent climate champions who face tough reelection fights in 2024.

Where We’re Focused

  • Senate

  • House

  • Priority Climate Champion Protects

    You can protect Senate champions in Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin

  • Elect Pro-Climate Candidates in Open Seat Competetive Races

    You can support new Senate candidates in competetive races in Michigan, Arizona, and Maryland

  • Flip Races to Elect New Climate Champions

    You can support pro-climate Senate candidates in races in Florida, Missouri, and Texas.

  • Elect New Climate Champions to the Senate

    You can make an impact by supporting new Senate candidates in California and Delaware.

  • Re-elect Climate Champions in the Senate

    You can ensure that climate champions in Washington, New Mexico, New York, and elsewhere keep the Senate strong.

  • States with 4 or more Climate Champion toss-up races

  • States with 3 Climate Champion toss-up races

  • States with 2 Climate Champion toss-up races

  • States with 1 Cimate Champion toss-up race


With climate-related catastrophes increasing in intensity and frequency worldwide, we are living in our “now or never” moment. Help us safeguard the critical gains we have made in both the House and Senate.

  • Senate Protects

  • Green Pick Ups

  • House protects

  • House Primaries

  • US Senate, WI

    Tammy Baldwin


    US Senate, OH

    Sherrod Brown


    US Senate, NV

    Jacky Rosen


    US Senate, MT

    Jon Tester


    US Senate, PA

    Bob Casey

  • Flip these Senate seats and elect new champions in open seats

    US Senate, MI

    Elissa Slotkin


    US Senate, TX

    Colin Allred


    US Senate, FL

    Debbie Mucarsel-Powell


    US Senate, AZ

    Ruben Gallego

  • US House, KS-03

    Sharice Davids


    US House, IN-01

    Frank Mrvan


    US House, MN-02

    Angie Craig


    US House, OH-01

    Greg Landsman

  • Elect new Federal champions in competitive primaries.

    US House, AZ-03

    Raquel Teran


    US House, AZ-01

    Andrei Cherny


How we choose these priorities

  • We prioritize competitive races and help elect champions who will act on climate, environmental justice, and democracy.

  • We evaluate each candidate’s record on environmental and pro-democracy policies. That way, you know you’re supporting a candidate who shares your values.

  • We evaluate a candidate's chance of winning—so you can invest in races where your contributions will have the biggest impact.

  • We prioritize diversity and believe supporting candidates of color, women, and LGBTQIA+ candidates is integral to addressing the climate crisis and its direct impact on systematically marginalized communities.