Jasmine Crockett


  • Voting Rights champion
  • Supports investing in more wind-powered electricity


  • Member of the House Committee on Agriculture House Oversight and Accountability, and Congressional Black Caucus 
  • Holding this seat in Texas will help win a pro-environmental majority in the House, making it easier to pass climate legislation at the federal level


Representative Jasmine Crockett is running for a second term to represent Texas’ 30th Congressional District. Prior to her election to the House, she served as  a public defender, civil rights attorney,  and State Representative. While serving in the Texas House of Representatives, she was the only Black freshman and youngest Black lawmaker during that session. She was a founding member of both the Texas Progressive Caucus as well as the Texas Caucus on Climate, Energy, and the Environment. Jasmine has been a voting rights champion during her tenure in the Texas House - in 2021, she filed over a dozen bills that would modernize, secure, and make our elections more efficient while expanding access to the ballot for every eligible Texan. She has carried that incredible leadership to the Congress where she served as a Freshman Leadership Representative, and was one of few Black women ever elected to Democratic House Leadership. In Congress, she will continue to protect voting rights, invest in clean energy, and advance environmental justice.