Join over 50,000 climate donors across the country to win elections and take bold action on climate.

  • Passing historic climate legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act requires pro-environment majorities.

  • You positioned climate champions to pick up House victories in 2024.

  • You expanded the Senate’s pro-environment majority.

  • You raised more than $145 million for climate leaders since we’ve started and supported 1,200+ pro-environment candidates that won their elections.

These races are the most strategic opportunities we have this cycle to elect climate champions. Your donation gives candidates momentum and sends an important message: climate is a priority.

  • Senate Protects

  • House Red to Blue

  • Governors

  • US Senate, WI

    Tammy Baldwin


    US Senate, OH

    Sherrod Brown


    US Senate, NV

    Jacky Rosen


    US Senate, MT

    Jon Tester


    US Senate, PA

    Bob Casey

  • US House, CA-27

    George Whitesides


    US House, MT-01

    Monica Tranel


    US House, IA-01

    Christina Bohannan


    US House, CA-41

    Will Rollins


    US House, NY-03

    Tom Suozzi


    US House, VA-02

    Missy Cotter Smasal

  • Governor, NC

    Josh Stein


    Governor, DE

    Collin O'Mara

Why GiveGreen

Together, we can build collective power and demand that political candidates take action to protect the environment.