Our Methodology

The candidates in our directory are actively working on bold climate legislation.

How we choose our prioritites


We prioritize competitive races and help elect champions who will act on climate, environmental justice, and democracy. 


We evaluate each candidate’s record on environmental and pro-democracy policies. That way, you know you’re supporting a candidate who shares your values.


We evaluate a candidate's chance of winning—so you can invest in races where your contributions will have the biggest impact.


We prioritize diversity and believe supporting candidates of color, women, and LGBTQIA+ candidates is integral to addressing the climate crisis and its direct impact on systematically marginalized communities.


Our Team

We are a team of political strategists, fundraisers, and policy experts.

Our Strategy

Help us safeguard the critical gains we have made in both the House and Senate.

Issues we’re targeting

  • Clean Electricity Transition

    Transitioning to 100 percent clean electricity is critical to tackling the climate crisis as it presents  huge economic opportunities and is extremely popular. 

  • Clean and Equitable Transportation

    The transportation sector is the largest single source of climate pollution in the United States. Its health-harming pollution sickens and cuts short the lives of tens of thousands each year.

  • Environmental & Climate Justice

    Racial and economic inequalities in our country and the systems that perpetuate these forces have concentrated toxic polluters near and within Black, Indigenous and communities of color and low-wealth communities.

  • No New Fossil Infrastructure

    We must achieve meaningful and equitable reductions in the pollution that is fueling the climate crisis. Halting any new fossil infrastructure is vital to mitigating the impending climate crisis.

  • Toxic PFAS Chemicals

    PFAS chemicals (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are a class of thousands of toxic, persistent, and widely used man-made chemicals that pose a serious threat to our health.

  • Clean Water

    Having access to clean, safe and affordable drinking water regardless of race, income or zip code is a human right. However, far too many people still worry if their tap water is contaminated.

  • Clean Air & Public Health

    Study after study continues to confirm longstanding common sense and science —burning fossil fuels and other polluting industries produce air pollution that causes health problems.

  • Clean Energy Grid Upgrades

    Transitioning to 100 percent clean electricity is critical to tackling the climate crisis. It presents a huge economic opportunity, and it is extremely popular.

  • Climate-smart Agriculture

    The climate crisis has already begun impacting America’s farmers and ranchers – threatening their future, the health of rural communities, and our food security. 

  • Public Lands/Oceans

    The decline of nature is a direct threat to the nation’s wildlife, clean air and water, the ability to fight climate change, and a healthy economy. 

  • Endangered Species

    The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is facing unprecedented attacks that threaten some of our nation’s most important species.

  • Voting Rights

    We can’t have a healthy environment without a healthy democracy, and we can’t have a healthy democracy without protecting the right to vote.