Why GiveGreen

What is GiveGreen?

The GiveGreen platform offers donors a strategic vision for helping elect candidates who will take real action on climate change, and for making lasting change in our political system. It works to make supporting climate champions as convenient and impactful as possible.  

GiveGreen is committed to comprehensive support to our donors through:

  • GGR Strategy
    Strategically Chosen

    and vetted slate

  • GGR Smart Investment
    Smart Investment

    of resources

  • GGR Monitor

    races throughout the cycle

  • GGR Accountability

    in advocacy

  • GGR Power
    Power Building

    within the movement

Do candidates know when you give through GiveGreen?

YES! Contributions made on GiveGreen.com go directly to the candidate’s bank account. Every transaction displays your name and that it was made via GiveGreen.com.

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So when candidates ask for your support, be sure to ask if they are on GiveGreen.com.

We’re stronger when we work together. Political giving through GiveGreen maximizes your impact by demonstrating the power of our pro-environment and pro-climate donor community.”

GiveGreen community member

GiveGreen donors benefit from the system's technology that allows all donations to be processed securely and in compliance with applicable law. GiveGreen.com is powered by Democracy Engine, one of the country's leading online processing companies supporting candidates, which ensures that contributions made on this site go directly to the candidates you support.


Why should I create an account?

To maximize the benefit of giving through GiveGreen, we encourage you to create an account on GiveGreen.com and make all of your political contributions through the website. Online users enjoy access to several exciting features:

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Track your giving

Logging in allows users to track their giving for the cycle and helps prevent exceeding candidate contribution limits. Users may also access and download their donation history any time through the Dashboard.

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Create personal fundraising pages

Invite friends and family to contribute to the candidates you care about by sharing your link on social media. To build your own fundraising page follow these quick steps:

  1. Log in to GiveGreen – If you don't have one, you can set one up easily.

  2. Go to your personal fundraising page and click “Create a Page”, select your favorite candidates, and set a fundraising goal.

  3. Share your link with family and friends!

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Streamlined event hosting

GiveGreen staff is available to provide support to hosts, including custom event pages and tracking of responses and candidate contributions.

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Custom candidate slates

The GiveGreen team offers custom slates tailored to users' unique interest areas.

Create an account to get started. Support staff are available to assist you.