State House, PA-137

Anna Thomas


  • Will work to hold corporations accountable
  • Will work to regulate forever chemicals
  • Advocate for open space preservation


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  • Flipping this seat will help defend and expand the slim pro-environment majority in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives


Anna Thomas is running State Representative in her hometown in the Lehigh Valley. She ran for this same seat in 2022 – and came within 2% of beating a Republican incumbent with one of the Pennsylvania State House’s worst voting records on environmental issues.

Her core values and mission focus on improving the quality of life for all Pennsylvanians. She will advocate for Pennsylvania to enact common sense environmental policies that will hold corporations accountable for maintaining a healthy, clean Commonwealth. She currently serves on the Planning Commission in Bethlehem Township, where she advocates for open space preservation and environmental conservation in her district.

She is proud to bring a science-literate academic background to this work. In college, she earned a degree in chemistry because she was called to be a scientifically literate public servant. Having done that foundational work when she was in college, she became  a fellow with Penn's Climate Leaders fellowship, where they worked on discussing climate issues through workshops and masterclasses.

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