Attorney General, NC

Jeff Jackson


  • Will protect clean water from PFAS or pollutants
  • Will hold polluters accountable
  • Opposes offshore drilling


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  • Former Congressman
  • Open seat previously held by Josh Stein who is running for Governor of North Carolina
  • Keeping this open seat under pro-environment, pro-democracy leadership will be critical to protecting the right to vote, safeguarding future elections, and holding polluters accountable


As a congressman, veteran, former prosecutor, and current Major in the Army National Guard, Jeff has dedicated his life to public service. Now he's running to continue that work as Attorney General.

During his time in the NCGA and now in Congress, Jeff introduced and sponsored a number of bills related to climate action, accelerating the transition to clean energy, promoting electric vehicles and energy efficiency, and protecting clean water, including from PFAS chemicals. 

As Attorney General, the job involves setting the standard for holding corporations accountable. Whether that’s taking action against the companies that polluted the Cape Fear River or taking those that dumped chemicals into the city of Canton’s wastewater system to court, the Attorney General must be active and aggressive in upholding the law.

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