US House, PA-03

Dwight Evans


  • Voted for the Inflation Reduction Act, the most significant action Congress has ever taken to address climate change
  • Champion for urban environmental measures
  • Earned 96% lifetime score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard

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  • Holding this seat in Pennsylvania will help win a pro-environmental majority in the House, making it easier to pass climate legislation at the federal level
  • Spearheaded the Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative


Representative Dwight Evans is running for a fifth term to represent Pennsylvania's 3rd congressional district. A native Philadelphian, Evans was elected as a 26-year-old public school teacher to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from the 203rd District in 1980. As Chair of the Appropriations Committee in the state house, he fought to institute a tax on natural gas drilling, voted consistently for clean energy and energy efficiency initiatives, and voted against efforts to block Clean Power Plan implementation in the state. Evans has a long history of environmental advocacy in Pennsylvania. For example, he worked to secure over $1 million in state funds for the City of Philadelphia to plant trees and was a leader in creating the Pennsylvania Fresh Foods Financing Initiatives to help bring sustainable food to underserved communities, a program that was recognized with the EPA’s National Award for Smart Growth Achievement. In 1991, Evans helped establish the Public Transportation Assistance Fund, the first dedicated funding (Act 26) source for mass transit. In 2005, he forged the establishment of a Transportation Funding and Reform Commission, which strategies to stabilize transit funding. Evans worked strenuously for approval of Act 89 of 2013, which provided a comprehensive, statewide funding plan for transportation. Evans proudly supported the Thrive Act and was a co-lead on the Revive the CCC Act, which would revitalize the Civilian Conservation Corps as a modern day employment, job training and conservation program. In congress, Representative Evans has earned a 96% lifetime score on LCV's National Environmental Scorecard. Representative Evans is endorsed by LCV Action Fund.

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