State House, AZ-LD 17

Kevin Volk


  • Will advocate for water security in Arizona
  • Supports investments to make Arizona a global leader in clean energy, including solar and battery storage
  • Advocate for investments in and implement smart metering and other tools to promote conservation

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  • Flipping this seat will help win a pro-environment majority in the Legislature, making it easier to pass climate legislation at the state level in Arizona


Kevin Volk was born and raised in Tucson where he grew up exploring the desert around his house, which gave him both a lifelong appreciation for nature and an ethic towards conservation and protecting our environment.

He left Southern Arizona for college at Brown University.  After college he became a fifth-grade public school teacher in San Jose, California, a Fulbright English teaching assistant in Mexico, and then worked on Senator Tim Kaine's campaign for U.S. Senate in Virginia before returning home to work as a real estate agent focusing on commercial properties in a family business. From there, he became interested in adaptive re-development - he currently is converting a historic 1908 office building to residential units in a dense, walkable infill location downtown - and also in sustainable prefabricated housing - he has founded a company to up-cycle used shipping containers into residential units focused on the affordable side of the market.

He is running against far-right, climate change-denying incumbents who are part of the increasingly extreme Republican state legislative majority.  If elected, he will fight for strong and immediate solutions to Arizona’s water crisis, focusing on conservation, and a bold but responsible plan to transition our state to clean energy, while paying special attention to the issues of equity that are inherent to climate and environmental issues in our society.

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