State House, AZ-16

Keith Seaman


  • Advocate for securing water for future Arizonans
  • Will invest more in green energy in order to lessen our carbon emissions
  • Supports new green energy technology innovation

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  • Defending this seat will help win a pro-environment majority in the Legislature, making it easier to pass climate legislation at the state level in Arizona


Keith Seaman moved to Arizona in 1974 to start his first teaching job in Lake Havasu City. He continued teaching and began raising his family here. His love for teaching led me to reignite my passion for politics. Over the next 40 years, he dedicated his life to education while raising his daughter. He worked as a teacher, principal, and superintendent in Mohave County where his time in education showed me the problems that teachers and students face.  In 2018, he ran - and won - a seat on the Coolidge Unified School Board. As a school board member, he worked to support local students, teachers, and the community. He is running to represent LD-16 in the state legislature because he want to continue my life's work of supporting our communities. 

Keith Seaman is running against Republicans that have attacked our elections, reproductive rights, and the long term security of our water. The Republican majority in Arizona has failed to deliver for the people of Arizona, and have forced Arizona into a massive budget deficit and some of the most restrictive laws regarding reproductive rights in the country. If re-elected, he will fight for modern solutions to our water crisis, conservation of our precious natural resources, and more investment in the transition to green energy.

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