State House, NC-35

Evonne Hopkins


  • Supports investing more into public transportation to accommodate the rapid growth of the area

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  • Open seat previously held by Terence Everitt
  • Keeping this open seat under pro-environment leadership would help break the anti-conservation supermajority in the legislature


Evonne S. Hopkins is a family law attorney, mother, and small business owner in North She is no stranger to hard work and perseverance. Raised with a strong moral compass and work ethic,  which she will bring to the General Assembly. As an avid hiker, swimmer, kayaker, and boater, she supports North Carolina parks and waterways and will advocate for clean air and water. With the rapid growth in House District 35, she knows that investments in our public transit system and renewable energy are essential in dealing with this growth. To be able to address all of these issues, we must protect North Carolinian and American democracy. Without it, she knows these climate goals will not be reached. 

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