State House, MI-103

Betsy Coffia


  • Sponsored the Clean Energy Future bills
  • Lead sponsor on the BRITE Act which tackled the corroded political culture that hinders good policy
  • Advocate for investments in renewable energy

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  • Defending this seat will be critical to maintaining a pro-environment majority in the Michigan House of Representatives


Betsy Coffia is running for reelection to represent District 103. Previously she was Grand Traverse County Commissioner. In 2022 with the support of partners like Clean Water Action, Sierra Club, MLCV, MI Dems Environmental Caucus, Jane Fonda Climate PAC and massive grassroots support from my community, she became the first Democrat elected to the State House from Grand Traverse County, and the only candidate out of 110 House seats to unseat an incumbent in the general election. 

As State Representative she co-lead two successful efforts to block aggregate mining legislation. She voted to implement the MI Healthy Climate Plan and to eliminate the redundant Environmental Rules Review Committee. She voted to pave the way for the large-scale wind and solar energy projects needed to move us to carbon neutral energy by 2040, and to increase illegal dumping fines. She has and will continue to press for environmental protections for all Michiganders such as polluter pay and utility accountability.

She grew up in a working class family in Kalkaska County.  She carried the work ethic her mom instilled into her with everything she does - she  worked 3 jobs to put herself through college, and her professional background is in community journalism and social work which has given her a nuanced perspective of the issues that folks in Northern Michigan face.

She stands committed to making sure Michiganders enjoy life with dignity and opportunity, and protecting the beautiful Great Lakes state we know and love.

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