U.S. House, North Carolina - 12

Alma Adams

Support key U.S. House ally
Introduced amendment to protect water near coal ash sites
Earned 98% lifetime score on LCV’s Scorecard
Alma Adams

Representative Alma Adams is running for a sixth term to represent North Carolina’s 12th Congressional District. Prior to her election to the House, Adams served in the North Carolina General Assembly for 20 years, on the Greensboro City Council and School Board. In the state legislature and now in Congress, she has been a champion for North Carolina's environment. As a member of the Congressional Safe Climate Caucus, Adams is helping push for strong and proactive environmental policies that combat climate change, curb pollution, invest in renewable energy, and promote sustainable development solutions. She voted in support of the Clean Power Plan, and understands the urgency of transitioning to a clean energy economy. In North Carolina, she supported legislation to help consumers secure loans for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The first amendment she put forth as a Member of Congress would protect the drinking water around coal ash sites, and received bipartisan support. Representative Adams has earned an excellent 98% lifetime score on LCV's National Environmental Scorecard.    


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