Who We Are

Environmental impacts don’t stop at district or state lines — our efforts and political giving shouldn’t either.  We need a focused, collaborative strategy to elect leaders at all levels of government who are committed to doing whatever it takes to save the planet. 

That’s why LCV Victory Fund, NextGen America, and NRDC Action Fund PAC banded together behind GiveGreen, which provides a nationwide strategy for taking action. 

  • LCV Victory Fund

    LCV Victory Fund (LCVVF) is a political committee that engages in independent expenditures to defeat federal candidates who stand in the way of a clean energy future and to elect environmental champions. Some GiveGreen activities may be conducted by LCV Action Fund.

  • NextGen America

    NextGen America mobilizes young people to vote in crucial elections to make progress on the issues facing our generation.Since our founding as NextGen Climate in 2013, we’ve worked to fight climate change by advancing the transition to a clean energy economy. We’ve supported candidates who support climate action. We’ve fought to halt the Keystone XL pipeline and registered more than a million voters nationwide. And we have stood up to corporate polluters who put their profits before people, poison our air and water, and hold our economy back. Climate change is the defining challenge of our time, inextricably linked to our health, prosperity, and equality. Preventing climate disaster is at the heart of NextGen America’s mission.


    NRDC Action Fund PAC works to help elect pro-environment federal candidates and to build the political power of the environmental movement. As the political action committee of the NRDC Action Fund, the NRDC Action Fund PAC supports candidates who will work to avert dangerous climate change, support healthy people and thriving communities, and conserve and protect nature and wildlife.

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LCV Victory Fund
Rachel Kamvar
Digital Coordinator, GiveGreen

NextGen America
Jill Lombardi
GiveGreen Director

NRDC Action Fund PAC
Alex Shapiro
Director of PAC & Candidate Services

KG Consulting
Jennifer Linn
GiveGreen Program Manager