Be Strategic. GiveGreen.


GiveGreen offers donors a powerful, strategic way to work together as a community to support environmental candidates and accelerate action on climate change. It is a joint effort between three of the environmental movement’s largest and most influential organizations: LCV, NextGen America, and NRDC Action Fund PAC*.

After more than eight years, we have learned that there is power in numbers – both in the number of donors giving and the total amount being donated to each candidate. GiveGreen helps elect pro-environment candidates; and provides our community with a counterforce to special interests and big polluters.

"GiveGreen allows donors to do more than just contribute money. If you give to a candidate, they know you support them; if you give through GiveGreen, they know why you support them."

Gene Karpinski, Tom Steyer, and Rhea Suh

GiveGreen is a trusted source for donors as they look for smart political strategy and advice about how to support and help elect champions who are committed to tackling climate change and the other pressing environmental issues of our time.

“We’re stronger when we work together. Political giving through GiveGreen maximizes your impact by demonstrating the power of our pro-environment and pro-climate donor community.”

Anne Bartley

GiveGreen also gives donors confidence that when they are asked to support a candidate, there’s a strategic reason for doing so. With a growing record of impact, GiveGreen has proven the value of supporting candidates at the state and federal level that stand up for the environment.

“It is empowering to know that my GiveGreen donation is aggregated with those from other environmentalists. When you see how the numbers add up you can see why politicians are taking notice of the financial support our community provides. We need all environmentalists to GiveGreen.”

Tom Campion

To date, over 27,000 donors have utilized GiveGreen as the vehicle for their direct political giving to candidates. Donors who give through GiveGreen also benefit from the system’s technology that ensures all donations processed are made in compliance with state and federal law. Donors can also quickly and easily support multiple candidates, track their candidate giving, and analyze the impact of that giving. utilizes Democracy Engine, one of the country’s leading online processing companies supporting candidates, who ensures that contributions made on this site go directly to candidates. 

"The support I received through GiveGreen was invaluable in my extremely close election. Big Oil spent millions of dollars to attack me, but GiveGreen donors helped give me the resources I needed to fight back and win.”

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto

The GiveGreen total raised includes all contributions raised in the 2018 election cycle for federal and nonfederal candidates.

* is a project of LCV Victory Fund and NextGen America with the support of NRDC Action Fund PAC.  Please note that NRDC Action Fund PAC is not involved with any aspect of the nonfederal program of GiveGreen.