Get Involved on GiveGreen

Donate through GiveGreen

Make all your candidate donations through GiveGreen.  Our team has researched and vetted candidates to ensure the environmental community is focused on the critical races that need our support most. Your support ensures climate champions are elected and will take action.   

Host an event

By hosting an event through GiveGreen, you send a powerful message to politicians that donors care about protecting our air, land, water, and health.  Events can be in person, or online. Especially while we navigate COVID-19, virtual events are a convenient, safe way to engage your network. For information about hosting an event, contact to host an event. We can help with invitations, RSVP tracking, webinar set up, and follow-up. Host and contributor information about the fundraiser will go directly to the candidate you support.  

Create a Personal Fundraising Page

You can easily set up your own fundraising page to support one or multiple candidates. Invite friends and family to contribute to the candidates you care about by sharing your link on social media. To build your own fundraising page follow these quick steps:

  1. Log in to your GiveGreen account – If you don’t have an account, you will need to set one up. This takes just a few seconds!

  2. Once you are logged in, you will be directed to your Dashboard.  This page shows your GiveGreen giving history and any active Personal Fundraising Pages you have.

  3. On your Dashboard, under “My Personal Fundraising Pages”, select “Create A Page”

  4. Name your event, select your favorite GiveGreen candidates, and leave a note for your friends and family explaining why you hope they will join you in supporting these climate champions.

  5. This page provides you with an option to set a fundraising goal, but it is not required.  If you do not wish to set a fundraising goal, simply put “$0” in the total.

  6. Once you have added the desired information to the page, click “Save” and your personal fundraising page will be published.  To share, copy the URL link in your search bar and pass it along to your family & friends!  After creating and sharing your fundraising page, any contributions your page receives will be reflected on your GiveGreen Dashboard.  

  7. Select “View Pages” to view all of your personal fundraising pages and summary of contributions.

This is a great tool to track the progress of your fundraiser or event on behalf of incredible GiveGreen candidates.

Become an Ambassador

As a GiveGreen Ambassador you will join a community of dedicated supporters who want to do more to support climate champions.  Ambassadors commit to raise or give $25,000 each election cycle.  For more information, please click here

*Please note that registered lobbyists are responsible for their own compliance with federal election laws regarding bundling, if applicable, and we encourage you to consult with your own counsel.