Jeffries Victory Fund

The first $23,200/$30,000 of each contribution from a person/multicandidate committee will be allocated 50% to DCCC’s general fund and 50% as follows: $3,300/$5,000 to Jeffries for Congress for use in the primary election; the next $3,300/$5,000 to Jeffries for Congress for use in the general election and the remaining $5,000/$5,000 to JEFF PAC. The next $277,500/$90,000 will be allocated to DCCC as follows: the first $29,700/$0 to the general fund; and the next $247,800/$90,000 to the recount or building fund, in DCCC’s sole discretion. A contributor may designate their contribution for a particular participant. The allocation formula above may change if following it would result in an excessive contribution.