US House, TX-29

Sylvia Garcia


  • Fought to clean up Houston’s environment
  • Voted for the Inflation Reduction Act, the most significant action Congress has ever taken to address climate change
  • Earned a lifetime score of 96% on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard


  • Holding this seat in Texas will help the environmental movement reclaim apro-environment majority in the House of Representatives in 2024, which will help pavethe way for climate action
  • Will maintain Latina representation in Congress

Candidate Background

Representative Sylvia Garcia is running for a fourth term to represent Texas’s 29th congressional district. As a local elected official and member of the state senate, Garcia has been involved in important fights to protect the environment and address environmental injustices. Garcia has focused on pollution and chemical cleanups that affect many areas of Houston. As County Commissioner, she helped make progress on cleaning up Superfund sites on the San Jacinto River. She also worked to secure funding from chemical plants and industry to improve pollution monitoring in the city. During the 2017 session, she led the fight to stop construction of Trump’s xenophobic and anti-environment border wall by introducing a bill to prevent state contracts with companies that build the wall. Garcia supported the Climate Change Now Act, which directs the President to develop a plan for the U.S. to meet nationally determined goals under the Paris Agreement to combat climate change. Representative Garcia has earned a lifetime score of 96% on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard. Representative Garcia is endorsed by LCV Action Fund.

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