State House, MI-38

Joey Andrews


  • Committed to preserving Lake Michigan 
  • Secured funding for shoreline protection studies
  • Pushing to make Michigan a leader in renewable/clean energy

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  • Defending this seat will be critical to maintaining a pro-environment majority in the Michigan House of Representatives


Joey Andrews, a St. Joseph native, seeks re-election in Michigan's 38th House District, spanning Berrien, Allegan, and Van Buren counties. After graduating from Lake Michigan Catholic Schools, he earned dual Bachelor’s degrees in History and Music, followed by a Juris Doctor degree from Wayne State University. Returning home post-law school, Joey spearheaded efforts to revitalize his family's business during the Great Recession, gaining first hand understanding of community challenges.

Since taking office, Joey has shown unwavering commitment to progress and advocacy. He led efforts to repeal damaging “Right to Work” laws and defended reproductive rights, ensuring access to essential healthcare services. His support helped pass the expansions of the Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act, which has advanced equality statewide.

Moreover, Joey's tenure witnessed significant investments and advancements in the district. Spearheading initiatives on crucial issues like shoreline erosion, he secured funding for vital studies and projects, safeguarding the region's natural resources. Joey's leadership also attracted major economic developments, including the historic Palisades Nuclear Energy Project. Re-electing Joey is essential for the continued progress and prosperity of Michigan's 38th House District.

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