State Senate, AZ-LP 4

Christine Marsh


  • Committed to securing Arizona's water future
  • Will continue to stand up to attacks on green transportation
  • Committed to making Arizona the solar capital of the world

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  • Defending this seat will help win a pro-environment majority in the State Senate, making it easier to pass climate legislation at the state level in Arizona


Christine Marsh has lived in LD4 for 35 years and is our current  State Senator. She raised her sons and foster children in LD4. She’s the 2016 AZ Teacher of the Year and is in her 4th decade of teaching.

Christine has one of the most bi-partisan voting records in the Senate and is running to provide more balance in the legislature. She knows one-party rule has stifled Arizona, and she's seen too many great bills fail without a hearing and radical legislation sail through our legislature. That's why she's working to build a new majority where any good idea can get a fair shot.

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