U.S. Senate, Michigan

Elissa Slotkin

Elect new U.S. Senator
Current U.S. Representative
Earned a lifetime score of 97% on LCV’s Scorecard
Elissa Slotkin

Elissa Slotkin is running to represent Michigan in the U.S. Senate. She currently represents Michigan's 7th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Slotkin is a third-generation Michigander who has spent her career in national service. In response to 9/11, Slotkin joined the Central Intelligence Agency, serving three tours as a Middle East analyst in Baghdad. She served under both Republican and Democratic administrations at the White House, in the Office of the Director for National Intelligence, and served as a senior leader at the Pentagon. Slotkin led the development of the first Arctic strategy for the Department of Defense and helped to administer the first survey of how climate change is impacting U.S. military bases.  Representative Slotkin has earned a stellar lifetime score of 97% on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard. In the Senate, she will continue to prioritize access to clean air and clean water, especially the Great Lakes.


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