Electrify Everything? The Path to Decarbonization

Thursday, September 17th, 4:00pm PST

Decarbonizing end use sectors like transportation and buildings are a huge part of the overall climate challenge - what’s the fastest and most effective way to bring down emissions in those areas? Do we need to modify our lifestyles, or is electrification enough? How could a new administration accelerate this process?    


Saul Griffith, Founder and Chief Scientist at Otherlab, author of Rewiring America

Robin Chase, cofounder of Zipcar, NUMO, and Veniam

Alex Laskey, President and Founder, Opower

Jigar Shah, President of Generate Capital, the author of Creating Climate Wealth: Unlocking the Impact Economy and founder of SunEdison


Hosted by: Andrew Salzberg, Jason Jacobs, Ryan Rzepecki, Josh Mohrer

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For questions, contact Andrew Salzberg at andrew.salzberg@gmail.com.


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