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2020 Climate Unity Fund

Special opportunity to donate in advance
Use our collective giving to highlight climate
Ensure the nominee is funded

Since taking office, President Trump -- the most anti-environmental president EVER -- has waged a relentless assault on our environment and climate, from pulling the U.S. out of the landmark Paris Climate Accord to rolling back the Clean Power Plan. At the same time, scientists are warning we have a rapidly shrinking window in which to stave off the most disastrous impacts of climate change. If we are going to address this crisis and save our planet, we must defeat Trump in 2020.

We want the eventual Democratic nominee to know how important the environment and climate action are to voters across the country. To demonstrate this, we created the 2020 Climate Unity Fund fund with a goal of amassing significant support for the eventual pro-environment Democratic nominee. Every serious Democratic challenger to Trump has already made climate action part of their platform. It is our job to push them to be ambitious and make climate change a top priority, and they also need to know our community will be there to support them.

Because while Democratic candidates will spend the primary season demonstrating a real commitment to climate action to the voters, Trump will spend this time building his coffers from his polluting corporate donors.

The 2020 Climate Unity Fund lets you make a donation now to the eventual Democratic nominee for president. In simple terms, you give up to $5,600 now, and your donation, along with those of all the other contributors, is held in "escrow" until a candidate earns enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination for president. At that critical point, your donation is distributed directly to the eventual Democratic nominee’s campaign (and is treated just like a direct contribution from you to them). If the eventual nominee is someone you had previously contributed primary and/or general election funds to such that your nominee fund contribution leads to an excess contribution, you will be refunded the appropriate amount.

After a competitive primary, the eventual pro-environment challenger will need our support most on day one of the general election. Help prioritize the environment in the 2020 election and make your donation now to the 2020 Climate Unity Fund.