In the 2022 cycle, we will be looking at opportunities to invest early in key U.S. Senate, U.S. House and Governor races. GiveGreen donors will play a critical role in defending champions and electing new ones.  

Federal: U.S. Senate and U.S. House


In 2022, 14 seats currently held by pro-environment Senators and 20 seats currently held by anti-environment Senators will be up for election. We must defend newly-elected Senators in Arizona and Georgia who will be facing voters again for full 6-year terms, as well as provide support to incumbents in swing states like Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. Additionally, we will be looking for opportunities to expand our pro-environment majority with new champions in Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio.


The pro-environment House majority was narrowed in 2020 and is at risk in the 2022 election. Given the uncertainty around the new congressional maps, it will be important to support our champions who were re-elected by narrow margins. We are paying close attention to redistricting outcomes and opportunities to support new House champions.

Priority Federal Race Map


State & Local

In 2018, the GiveGreen community helped flip or hold a number of critical seats, where governors have made critical climate progress: Colorado, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, and Wisconsin. We will need to defend these allies in these states, look for more opportunities to make progress in open seat races like Pennsylvania and Oregon, and flip governor’s mansions held by anti-environment governors, such as in Georgia.

2022 Gubernatorial Priority Map

We must work to protect our pro-environment legislative majorities in CO, ME, MN, NM, and NV, and prevent anti-environment supermajorities in FL, NC, NE, MT, and WI. States that present the best opportunity to flip legislative chambers to pro-environment majorities are MN, MI, and NH.


2022  State legislative priority map

There are also a number of critical Attorneys General, Secretaries of State and other statewide races like the Land Commissioner in New Mexico and the Arizona Corporation Commission.

2022 Downballot Races map