Selecting Priority Candidates

Our Strategy

Priority Candidates

GiveGreen, backed by three leading environmental organizations – LCV, NextGen America, and NRDC Action Fund PAC* – wants to ensure that our community has access to a strategic and targeted approach to supporting pro-environment candidates.

In 2018, it is as important as ever to ensure our community is giving strategically to candidates that will help elect a pro-environment Senate and House of Representatives.  In the states, GiveGreen’s goal is to take back power - whether that be to flip control of legislative chambers, or win statewide races (Governors, Attorney General) that could advance a clean energy agenda or impact redistricting.

We have marked as “Priority” those races where your financial support will have the biggest impact on achieving these goals.

The GiveGreen website highlights those candidates that are “Priority” races using the following methodology:

  • Toss Up U.S. Senate Races – These races have been identified as competitive by the Cook Political Report. In some cases, we are protecting incumbents and in other cases we are challenging a bad incumbent, or seizing the opportunity to win back an open seat. In a few instances the political teams of LCV, NextGen America, and NRDCAF have labeled races as priority that we have deemed are more competitive than polling shows.

  • Toss Up U.S. House Races – These races have been identified as competitive by the Cook Political Report. In most cases, these races will be pro-environment candidates running in swing districts.   

  • Must Win State Races – These races have been identified as priorities by the political teams of LCV and NextGen America. The candidates are important races for flipping or breaking supermajorities in legislative chambers, and to winning statewide races that could impact redistricting. Our teams also evaluate each candidate’s publicly available environmental record and positions along with fundraising success and overall viability a to ensure that it is a strategic race.

Placement on & Endorsements

To be featured on the GiveGreen website, candidates must be agreed upon by at least two of the three organizations.  LCV Action Fund, NRDC Action Fund PAC and NextGen America each have an institutional endorsement process -- each candidate biography lists the organizations that have endorsed. Please note that not all endorsements have been made or publicized yet.

* is a project of LCV Victory Fund and NextGen America with the support of NRDC Action Fund PAC.  Please note that NRDC Action Fund PAC is not involved with any aspect of the nonfederal program of GiveGreen.